It's about MY pet!

Your veterinary clinic always at hand. 24/7 consultations and advice, free and online!

Our opinion is that professional veterinary medicine should be accessible to everyone. When you want it and how you want it.


What if technology is used to do what it is really intended for: improving the lives of humans and animals. No back doors, no secret deals. Connecting animal care professionals directly to the animal owner. Marengo does just that!

We are driven by the love that pet owners have for their faithful companion, their companion and playmate. This pure love must be rewarded. If you want to help the world move forward, true love should be rewarded.
Marengo does this!

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As a pet owner you are a little different. Seeing your cat or dog as your baby... not everyone will understand this. We at Marengo do! That's why we want to give something back and help you care for your pet, because you really know your pet best!

Proper care for your child can be quite a challenge. You always have a lot to do, every day you are busy with your work, housework, your family and so on.

Another challenge is the rising costs of everything around us. This makes good animal care increasingly difficult to provide.

“We see more and more animals in practice that, if the problem was detected faster, could have been helped better and easier, without annoying high costs”

Drs. Corina Schram-Serban DVM MSc

For all these challenges we now have Marengo Vet App. With more than a THOUSAND daily users, the app that always supports you in caring for your pet whenever your pet needs it. And this app can now be downloaded completely FREE!

Supported by 14 Dutch recognized veterinarians, you always receive the professionalism that comes with the best care!

Huisdier speelt met balletje


You want knowledge based on experience.

Our app is supported by a group of recognized veterinarians. This way we combine all knowledge in one place, which you can consult whenever you want.



You want professional care.

Marengo offers you unlimited options for consultations with your pet. If you have any doubts, you can decide for yourself whether you want to be connected to one of our affiliated veterinarians for personal advice. Just from the app!


Available 24/7

You always want accessibility.

Your phone is in your pocket. As long as it is charged, Marengo is at your disposal!.



You don't want a hassle.

No queues, no impossible times for an appointment at a veterinary clinic, car in – car out, picking up medicines, etc. A thing of the past! Just when it suits you and delivered to your home! That's Marengo.



You want advantage.

Using Marengo is free. An additional personal consultation from one of our affiliated veterinarians will cost you EUR 9.95.


"Snag in the Grass"

No. There isn't!

But there is much more to discover!

What else can Marengo do?

In the first place we stand for veterinary care, but the app can do even more! For example, you can create an extensive profile for your pet, in which all medical history is stored when you need to deworm, de-flea or vaccinate your pet. You can call up recipes and repeat recipes and read a lot of background information and tips and tricks about keeping a pet. We will make sure that these features and capabilities are always being improved and expanded!

Huisdier krijgt vaccinatie


Set when your pet was last vaccinated. Marengo does the rest and provides you with timely information and advice.

Hond wordt ontwormt


Set when your pet last had an anti-worm agent. Marengo does the rest and provides you with timely information and advice.

Huisdier wordt ontvlooid

Fleas and ticks

Set when your pet last had an anti-flea and/or tick product. Marengo does the rest and provides you with timely information and advice.

“If your pet has something wrong, this is always a concern. But because of Marengo I have this care in my own hands, fair and transparent, hassle-free and for a fraction of the price! What is needed is delivered quickly and the vets are always very helpful if you have any additional questions!”

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