Together we change veterinary medicine

We are a team of animal care professionals with decades of practical experience and our goal is to revive professional veterinary medicine and make it accessible to everyone! But we want to do this together. Together we can make a difference, hand in hand for a better future!

Our partners:

What does the Pets is the animal platform for all information, fun videos, and shop for pet owners. The relevant information, the fresh appearance and the videos with me & Obi make distinctive in the market. stands for quality and therefore only offers high-quality products and services at an acceptable price.

What does the BVDD do?

The BVDD Foundation (Happiness for the Animals Foundation) is involved in two activities. Dierenbuddy® and the National Animal Food Bank® (hodn with these two activities the foundation supports all minimum income earners in the Netherlands who have a pet and are temporarily unable to provide care and/or food to their pet.

What does the National Animal Food Bank do?

The National Animal Food Bank® (an activity of the Blijdschap Voor De Dieren Foundation) is a national animal food bank where minimum income with a combined income of up to 25,000 can use animal feed support once a month. The food is provided free of charge, but there are 12.50 shipping costs that must be paid. Our goal is to keep people and animals together in this way. Animals are part of the family and have an important function for people.

What does Animal Buddy do?

Dierenbuddy® (an activity of the Blijdschap Voor De Dieren Foundation) has built up a national network of host families over the years. With animal buddy we specialize in temporarily housing a pet with a host family if the owner (Minima) is unable to care for the animal himself. Our goal is to always reunite people and animals.

What does the AnimalLot Foundation

The DierenLot Foundation is very concerned about the fate of these animals and would like to help them. We believe it is important to support local and regional, small and medium-sized organizations in particular. Because they have by far the most difficult time financing their aid. Consider, for example, shelters, animal shelters or organizations in the country that are involved in rescuing animals, such as animal ambulances. The DierenLot Foundation works exclusively on request. 

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