Invite your family and friends

Marengo is for every loving pet owner! If you know people in your area that you also want to benefit from Marengo, you can easily do this by pressing the pre-register button below and share it with your friends and family.

Basic information about Invite

You can send introduction invites directly from your contact list in the app. It only takes a few seconds to create a personalized SMS or email invitation.

1. You can invite acquaintances to register with Marengo with the invitation button in the app.

2. You will receive a message from us the moment your guest has successfully started using Marengo

3. You will receive a separate message if at least 3 guests have successfully registered with Marengo.

4. As soon as 3 guests use Marengo, we will add your reward to your account. This will appear in the profile of the Marengo app the following week.

But there is much more to discover!