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The Marengo platform is a product of Pro Consul BV in Bosschenhoofd. . 

This is Marengo's privacy statement. In this we explain, among other things, why we collect and use personal data, what data that is and what rights you have when we process your personal data. You can read here how we protect your privacy. Do you have questions about this privacy statement? Or about the use of your personal data by us? Then please contact us.

You enter personal data on the Marengo platform in order to purchase a service or product via the Platform in the form of advice, diagnosis or treatment plan. This information is requested and used by the Veterinarian who provides you with this service. It decides which personal data is processed, for what purpose and in what way. The vet is the 'data controller' regarding you as a consumer. We are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR and in a proper and careful manner.

Veterinarians provide you with concrete advice, diagnoses and treatment plans on this platform, in response to a specific request for help that you formulated regarding the health of your pet. We are therefore a 'processor' of personal data on this platform. This means that we process personal data on behalf of the controller. We recommend reading the privacy statement of these clubs.

What do we collect and why?

To be able to provide requested services or to execute an agreement with you
We may process the following data for the provision of our services or the execution of an agreement:

  • name and address details;
  • sex
  • date of birth
  • e-mail address
  • (mobile number
  • All data to be able to pay or receive a payment, including the IBAN number;

We process the aforementioned personal data in order to provide the service you request from us. We obtain this from you on your own initiative, by using the website and setting up your account within the Marengo application.

The nature of your visit to this website determines which information is yours is becoming asked. Insofar as it concerns answering a concrete request for help regarding the health of your pet, a selection of this information is provided to the service provider and you give your consent. 

We collect your data to:

  • To be able to communicate with you, and with that:
    • To enable the veterinarian to obtain a concrete and complete picture of the request for help you have;
    • To be able to provide you with advice, diagnosis or treatment plan;
  • To be able to record and comply with the service agreement with you;
  • To be able to collect the fee you owe with this service;
  • process or respond to your feedback or complaints in order to improve our services and resources and better serve you;
  • General product and service development;
  • For making commercial offers, sending newsletters, events and promotional campaigns that may be of interest to you and/or providing information about the services, providing business gifts;

We use contact details (name and e-mail address) of our customers for sending service e-mails and sending commercial information, such as newsletters and offers. You can always unsubscribe from e-mails with commercial information or set your preferences by using the unsubscribe option included in every message or by sending an e-mail to We use your contact details for a maximum of five years after the file we have processed for you has been closed. We only use contact details (name and e-mail address) of relations other than our clients for sending newsletters if you have given your prior consent. You can always withdraw your consent by using the unsubscribe option included in every message or by sending an email to


Contact Form
Your personal data will also be processed by us if you ask questions to one of our employees via the contact form on this website or by e-mail or otherwise contact us. We process contact details (such as name, e-mail address, telephone number and (business) address), the message you leave, including any personal data you leave in that message). This data is used exclusively to answer your questions. This processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, as we are happy to answer your questions. We keep this data until we have marked your message as 'handled', unless we have to keep your data longer due to a legal regulation or if longer storage is really necessary for the performance of our activities (for example because we have concluded an agreement). .

If you apply by e-mail and/or respond to specific vacancies, we will process your data. We process data that you yourself provide to us in a motivation letter, CV and/or other documents such as contact details, photo, marital status, date of birth, place of birth, education data, work experience, additional activities, skills and hobbies in the context of assessing the suitability of an applicant for a position that is or may become vacant with us. This personal data is used to process your application or application and to communicate with you about it. This data is also kept for the purpose of handling any expenses incurred by the applicant, internal control and company security, the implementation or application of laws or regulations.

We would like to point out that you should not include any special personal data in the CV you provided. Think especially of your BSN, data about your origin and/or health. Nevertheless, it may happen that such data provided by you on a voluntary basis is processed by us. We ensure that only those persons have access to this data who need it for the performance of their work.

The processing of your application data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest. In this case, that interest consists of recruiting suitable new personnel for our company.

The personal data will only be provided to those, including third parties, who are charged with or lead the recruitment and selection activities within our organization or who are necessarily involved in this. We will not provide applicant data to third parties unless required to do so by law.

We store the data of applicants during the recruitment and selection procedure. If the applicant gives permission for this, the data of the applicant in question will be kept for one year. You can withdraw this permission at any time. You can do this by sending an email to: If the applicant does not give permission, the data of the rejected applicant will be deleted four weeks after completing the application procedure. In the event that an applicant is hired, the data will be kept in the applicant's personnel file.

To keep statistics
We keep statistics about the use of our company. We use these statistics to improve our company, for example to only show relevant information.

For this we use your:

  • IP address
  • Sex
  • Age

The bases for this purpose are: legitimate interests, consent. We keep this information for a year. After this period, we can anonymize the data, so that it is no longer personal data within the meaning of the GDPR. We can store anonymous statistical data for longer. 

To create a profile about you

We ask you to set up a profile on the Platform in order to be able to ask a specific request for help and to optimally inform the service provider. We also create a profile of you using the personal data provided to learn more about you. Of course we will respect your privacy at all times. If you do not want this, you can always report this to us. For this we use your:

  • E-mail address
  • Sex
  • IP address

The basis for this purpose is: consent. We store this information for one year.

To be able to show targeted advertisements

Our company displays advertisements. We see if people like it, and use that information to only do fun or interesting advertisements and offers in the future.

The bases for this purpose are: legitimate interests, consent. We store the data for 12 months

Various purposes have been mentioned for this for which we can process your personal data. There are also different types of personal data that we can process from you.

This enumeration of personal data does not mean that we always ask for all of this personal data. We adhere to the principles of data processing as referred to in Article 5 GDPR. One of those principles is 'data minimization', which means that we only collect the data that is necessary for the specific purpose. 

Social media buttons are included on our websites. With this, the administrators of these services collect your personal data. We have no influence on how third parties process your personal data.

Retention periods
Specific retention periods are mentioned for this. After the (legal) retention period, your personal data will be destroyed. Such (legal) retention periods may change.

The stated retention periods do not apply in the event that we have a legal obligation to retain the personal data for a longer period of time.

Our websites use cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your electronic device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) when you visit a web page.

When a cookie is placed on your electronic device, your electronic device can be recognized and information can be collected.

What do cookies do?

Functional cookies
These cookies ensure that our websites work properly.

Analytical cookies
These cookies collect information about our websites and help improve the websites.

We use Google Analytics to keep track of how visitors use our websites. We have concluded a processing agreement with Google. This contains strict agreements about what they are allowed to keep. We allow Google to use the information obtained through Google Analytics for other Google services. We do not let Google anonymize the IP addresses.

Statistical cookies
These cookies map the use of and interaction with our websites and help to improve the websites.

Tracking/marketing cookies
These cookies enable us to track your behavior on our websites and on the internet. Based on this, we can show you tailored messages, such as special offers

Allow, change or delete cookies

Some cookies collect personal data. That is why we have to ask your permission for some cookies before the cookies are placed and read. There is more about this in the cookie statements on our websites.

You can disable the placing of cookies via your browser, but some functionalities of our websites will then no longer work properly.

We have made agreements with other companies that place cookies about the use of cookies. However, we do not have full control over what they themselves do with the cookies. So also read their Cookie Statements.

With which external parties do we share your data?

We do not sell your data to third parties.
We can, however, pass on your personal data to the following categories of recipients:

  • Companies that are part of Marengo.
  • Service providers engaged by Marengo to provide the service you have requested, the 'processor';
  • other parties such as government institutions, courts and regulators who impose a legal obligation.

We do not provide your personal data to other (categories of) recipients, unless this is necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this privacy statement, when we are subject to a legal obligation or when you have given permission for this.

All recipients to whom we provide the personal data are obliged to keep your personal data secret and secure. If these parties are regarded as "processors" within the meaning of the GDPR, we conclude processing agreements with these recipients.

Where are the personal data stored by us?
In principle, we only process your personal data within the EEA. If personal data is transferred to a country outside the EEA, we provide appropriate safeguards to guarantee as much as possible that the transfer takes place in accordance with the applicable regulations within the EEA.

How we secure your personal data
Security of personal data is of great importance to us. We ensure that your data is properly secured with us. For example, we use an https website. This can be recognized by a lock and https:// in the URL. This ensures that the data you enter in the contact form is sent encrypted. We have also concluded a processing agreement with third parties, such as the party that hosts our website.

We take, among other things, the following security measures:

  • Summary! 


Your rights
You have the following rights with regard to the processing of your personal data by us:

  • Get an explanation about which personal data we process from you and what we do with it
  • Access to the personal data that we process about you
  • Having errors corrected or adjusting personal data
  • Having (outdated) personal data removed (“the right to be forgotten”)
  • Having personal data transferred to another party (“the right to data portability”)
  • Withdraw consent for the processing of your personal data
  • Restriction of the processing of your personal data
  • Object to the processing of your personal data.

Please note that you always clearly indicate who you are, so that we can be sure that we do not change or delete data from the wrong person. We may request additional information to verify your identity.

In principle, we will comply with your request within one month. However, this period may be extended by a maximum of two months for reasons related to the specific rights of data subjects or the complexity of the request. If we extend this period, we will inform you within one month of receipt of your request.

It is possible that we cannot or may not (fully) comply with your request(s). If we (partially) reject your request, we will inform you about this.

To file a complaint
If you want to submit a complaint about how we process your personal data, you can send an email to We handle every complaint internally and communicate this further with you. If our complaint handling does not lead to the desired result, you can submit your complaint to the supervisory authority. This is called the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this.

Contact details
Pro Consul BV, with the name 'Marengo', is responsible for the processing of your personal data. These are our details:

Pro Consul BV
E-mail address:
Telephone: +31 (0)……….. .
Chamber of Commerce number: 62966804

We amend this privacy statement from time to time. The most recent statement can be found on the website of the Marengo. This version is from: March 3, 2023